Software for brokers, markets, and investors

Instrument Coverage

FinanceGear covers a wide range of instrument classes,
all of which can be used simultaneously in any portfolio.

Equity and Indices

  • Shares
  • Stock futures
  • Index futures
  • Stock options
  • Index options
  • Options on futures
  • Warrants


  • Positions in any currency
  • FX forwards
  • Futures on FX
  • Options on FX futures

OTC Options

  • Vanilla (Black-Scholes, Cox, Monte Carlo)
  • Forward start
  • Asian arithmetic (arbitrary fixing dates)
  • Asian geometric (arbitrary fixing dates)
  • Barrier
  • Digital
  • Lookback fix
  • Lookback float

Fixed Income

  • Bond, zero coupon
  • Bond, vanilla coupon
  • Floating rate bond (cap/floor/indexed, formulas)
  • Convertible bonds
  • Bond futures (listed, computes cheapest to deliver)
  • Bond options (listed)
  • Interest rate swaps
  • Caps and floors
  • Deposits

Money Market

  • Money market futures
  • Options on MM futures


  • Commodity futures
  • Commodity options


  • Baskets (composite instruments)