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FinanceGear is a client-server system that consists of several independent components that communicate through messaging middleware.

The FinanceGear Server

The heart of FinanceGear is a highly efficient calculation engine, the FinanceGear server. FinanceGear calculates a large number of "variables" about instruments, positions, portfolios, and other financial objects. The engine maintains a real-time network of dependencies between computed variables. This way, redundant calculations are kept to a minimum, allowing for maximum performance.

The FinanceGear server is implemented in C++ for Linux platforms. FinanceGear uses the postgresql database.

Deployment Options

FinanceGear can be deployed in three scenarios:

Order Routing Components

Our order routing components - the software that connects to routings - are implemented in C# for the Windows platform.

Web Platform

The Web trading platform is built using standard HTML5 and Javascript. It requires no plugins or Java, and works with most modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and others.