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FinanceGear is a real-time, straight-through trading, portfolio and risk management system. FinanceGear enables fund, portfolio and risk managers to track portfolios and market risk in real-time across different currencies, asset classes, and portfolios.

For risk managers, FinanceGear offers risk measures ranging from sensitivities to VaR (Value at Risk) that can be computed over any set of portfolios. Graphical analysis tools such as PnL profiles, risk matrix, as well as stress testing tools make it easy to identify exposure and act accordingly.

FinanceGear computes VaR (Value at Risk) based on customizable risk factors and includes a back testing utility to gauge the effectiveness of VaR.

Portfolio managers will find support for performance tracking, benchmarking, allocation, hedging, and portfolio optimization. In addition, the product includes the possibility to create polished reports - on the screen, on the web, or as PDF.

FinanceGear seamlessly integrates order routing and back office integration, making it a complete straight-through processing (STP) solution. FinanceGear can be deployed with web front ends or an advanced trading terminal.

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