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Trading Simulation and Games

FinanceGear can be used with an exchange simulator. This simulator behaves just like a real exchange: it accepts, lists, and executes orders. Limit, market, and stop orders are supported, for any instrument type including derivatives.

The simulator can be used to build absolutely realistic training systems: when real-time prices are used, it is not possible to tell the difference from real exchanges. Some of our customers use the simulator to train and evaluate their newly hired traders.

The simulator can also be used to build trading games: using our streaming real-time web platform, we have created several editions of trading games (for Selftrade Spain, Selftrade Italy, Selftrade UK, and most recently the "1er Trofeo Eurex Super Trader" for Cortal Consors).

The simulator can be used in two modes:

Live Simulation Mode

In live simulation mode, the simulator is connected to a real-time data feed or routing. Order processing, however, is simulated. This mode allows building an effective training system with all the excitement of the real market, but without the risks.

Replay Mode

In replay mode, complete recorded sessions are replayed. Every detail, every price move, is pre-recorded and replayed at the same speed. Replay mode can be used where live sessions are not available, or to work with specific trading scenarios.