Software for brokers, markets, and investors


Mannes Technology offers portfolio and risk management solutions for the front and middle office of brokers and banks. Our experience in real-time systems and with real-life trading has yielded a set of reusable software components that enable us to create reliable, scalable, flexible, and highly efficient solutions for brokers, banks, and investors.

Risk Management

Our principal focus is on risk management, both in the context of trading systems and global, bank-wide VaR reporting.

Online Derivatives Trading

We offer solutions for online derivatives trading that let end-users safely trade derivatives thanks to comprehensive pre-trade risk management.

FIX Connectivity and Order Routing

Mannes Technology offers a FIX engine that lets our customers automatically route orders to exchanges and other brokers. Adapters for MEFF (MEFFGate), Visual Trader, Romex, and others are available.

Streaming Delivery of Advanced Financial Web Content

We offer investment tools and other advanced financial web content to complement the web sites of brokers or banks.

Trading Simulation Systems

Finally, we offer realistic trading simulation systems that can be used to construct educational or training sites.