About Mannes Technology

Mannes Technology is a European software company dedicated to creating advanced software for financial institutions, brokers, and investors.

Mannes Technology - Profile

We create solutions for decision support in front office applications, real-time portfolio management, risk management, order routing, and trading, with an emphasis on derivatives.

Mannes Technology’s staff is formed by computing professionals who know the world of finance and investment well. We are not generalists - we are exclusively dedicated to the needs of brokers, dealers, financial markets, and investors.

Our background is computing, especially mathematical and statistical modeling, optimization, and simulation. Several of the professionals at Mannes Technology hold PhDs.

Our Experience

Mannes Technology has been working in the field of financial software since 1998. Since our beginnings, we have been focussing primarily on risk management - whether in the context of derivatives trading or measuring the VaR for the global position of a bank.

Another recurring theme in our solutions is our focus on derivatives, both listed and OTC. Through a long collaboration with MEFF and providing MEFF members with solutions for their derivative trading needs, we have acquired ample experience with listed equity derivatives and the algorithms to calculate margins.

In building our software, we have come accross many order routing technologies, most of them based on the FIX standard. As a result, we have been working with FIX for many years, and now offer our own FIX engine as a standalone product.

In deploying our systems, we are developing both for the Web and the server. On the Web, we use all sorts of techniques, including real-time, streaming HTML5, React, and node.js. Our server components are coded in C++ for speed and control.

Our Customers

Our customers are essentially banks, brokers, and fund managers. Some of the companies who have trusted our products over the years are:

  • Web Financial Group
  • BBVA
  • Andbank
  • FXCM
  • MEFF
  • Banco Mediolanum
  • Inversis
  • Selftrade
  • Crèdit Andorrà
  • Caixabank
  • CECA

Our Offices

Our office is located in Barcelona’s Olympic Village, some 100m from the beach, and within Barcelona’s technological 22@ district.