Software for brokers, markets, and investors

Risk Management

Mannes Technology offers risk management solutions for banks and brokers. The FinanceGear product is a comprehensive financial computing engine that can be used to compute Value at Risk, PnLs, pre-trade risk measures such as margins, and much more (read more...)

Order Routing

Mannes Technology are experts in order routing technology. We have extensive experience with the FIX protocol, and several routing solutions such as MEFFGate to route to MEFF, Bloomberg, Sungard, Reuters, Visual Trader, and many others (more...)

Streaming Web Content

Mannes Technology offers solutions to deliver financial content in streaming real-time. This technology is used to create financial content for banks and brokers, real-time web trading platforms, as well as trading simulations (read more...)


Universal Margin Calculator

FinanceGear Margin is our product capable of calculating margin requirements for MEFF, EUREX, EuroNext, CME, CBOT, NYMEX, CME, CBOE, and most other derivative exchanges from all over the world.